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2023…. That’s a wrap

With the end of the year fast approaching, it’s time to reflect on what we achieved in 2023.

2023, from a numbers perspective, was a productive year: we announced 74 new matches across Sydney, the west and greater western regions, south Sydney and the Central Coast - taking us to a grand total of 553.


Out and about

While we’re all about pairing up buddies, we’re also about increasing social circles and providing participants with the opportunity to meet more people and experience new events. We inform everyone who signs up that they’re part of the Gig Buddies community and, as such, they’re welcome to attend our social outings.

In 2023 we facilitated more than 80 such gatherings - a record achievement for us. In that time we connected with over 1,200 attendees as we facilitated catch ups across Sydney, the west and greater western regions, south Sydney and the Central Coast.

A number of our outings were organised in collaboration with mainstream festivals and events. This year Gig Buddies benefited from discounted (or on occasions, free entry) to gigs put on by Sydney Festival, Human Kind Festival, Vivid Festival and Sydney Writers’ Festival.

And who can forget our foray to our first ever music festival. In October we attended Yours and Owls in Wollongong, listening to the likes of Hilltop Hoods, Golden Features, Masego and Ocean Alley.


Prepped and ready to go

In line with modelling our approach around the availability of volunteers, all training is now conducted via Zoom.

This year we’re on course to have trained a total of 75 volunteers.


Are you looking to volunteer?

We need volunteers! Click on the image above for current Sydney roles and the graphic below for opportunities on the Central Coast.

If you have any questions or would like more information, contact us via Facebook or email:


Ho, ho, ho

We held festive gatherings both north and south of Hawkesbury last week.

It was brilliant to connect with so many - thank you to everyone who joined us in Marrickville (above) and Umina Beach (below).

We have plenty of photos from both occasions to show you. Click here to see more snaps from both our festive catch ups.


Three is the magic number

The month of December is upon us, and we have three social events left for 2023.

We invite buddies to join us in Macarthur, Petersham and Double Bay for two pub trivia gatherings and an inclusion festival.

To find out more about our remaining December socials (and to sign up), jump on the links below.


2024…. get involved

And as for the year ahead, we’re facilitating eight gigs to kick off 2024.

We invite buddies to join us in January for mini golf, yoga, markets, breakfast, a curry night, and a picnic by the beach. Our over 40 catch ups return, while we’re also off to watch Sydney FC in the women's A League.

To join us in Pittwater, The Rocks, Wyong, Parramatta, Windsor, Brighton-Le-Sands, Newtown and Leichhardt, load up the links below:

If you have any questions about our forthcoming events, get in touch: we can be reached via Facebook Messenger, email: or via text or phone call on 0411 252 228.


More, more, more

In addition to hosting two festive gatherings in the past week, we also caught up with buddies in Lidcombe and Waverton.

Thank you to those who joined us for breakfast and boardgames, and for our trip to the markets. To see more photos from what was a busy weakened, click here.


Each and every month we invite buddies to connect with us for our online chats.

Our chats take place via Zoom. To attend get in touch via text: 0422 061 990 or Facebook Messenger.


Doubling up

We’ve news of two new matches to bring you.

It’s great to welcome James and Josh (left, L - R) and Fi and Noah (right, L - R) to the team.


Ready to go

And it’s been a busy week on the training front.

We hosted two online sessions, prepping the following volunteers: Kay (1), Amalia (2), Sophie (3), Mack (4) and Lisa (5).


Calling all creatives

Thank you to everyone who’s submitted an entry to our slogan competition - we’re overwhelmed with what we’re reading.

But it’s not too late to get involved. The festive period is the perfect time to get thinking!

As a reminder, we’ve challenged our community to come up with some words that sum up who we are and what we do. We’ve been operating for nearly nine years now and - based on received feedback - we feel we’re missing out.


Something to think about…..

For those not knowing where to start, slogans are usually placed under a brand name or logo. They’re typically short in length, with most slogans containing a maximum of 6 to 8 words.

We want our slogan to be short enough that it’s memorable and easy for people to repeat, but long enough that it’s unique and catchy as well.


Where to start

Some famous slogan examples include Nike’s "Just Do It", Subway’s "Eat Fresh" and Weetbix’s "Aussie kids are Weetbix kids”.

When coming up with a slogan, think about words that relate to Gig Buddies. These might describe what we do, who we support or why we operate.

Perhaps start by brainstorming a list of possible words and go from there…..

Once you have come up with your idea, share it via our website by clicking here.

We appreciate this is not an easy ask, so our slogan competition closes on Sunday 7 January 2024. We’ll then announce a winner in the new year.

And for the person who comes up with the winning idea, they will take home a $50 gift voucher.


Out of office

That’s it in terms of the Gig Buddies’ newsletter for 2023.

Thank you to everyone who’s read, shared or contributed to our weekly bulletin, or has connected with us via Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

Our newsletter will return on Monday 8 January, while Gig Buddies HQ will remain open until midday on Friday 22 December.


Eyes peeled

Be sure to keep an eye on our social media channels between now and our return as we have one or two surprises to share…..


One last thing……

We want to say Merry Christmas, Happy New Year and a huge THANK YOU to everyone who’s connected with us in 2023.

Our community continues to go from strength to strength - both north and south of the Hawkesbury River - and we look forward to doing it all again in 2024.


Matthew: Central Coast coordinator (0402 708 814)

Carol: CEO (02 9419 6951)

Chelsea: NDIS coordinator (0412 145 819)

Tony: Funding and sponsorship coordinator (02 9419 6951)

Bec: Sydney coordinator (0411 252 228)

Aylin: Western Sydney coordinator (0466 389 961)

Lara: Greater Western Sydney coordinator (0478 045 121)

Sandon: Southern Sydney coordinator (0478 043 996)


Would you like more information about Gig BuddiesSydney? You’re only a click away. Connect with us via the links below.


Fancy revelling in legendary status? If so, please support us in our cause to get more people out to live events in Sydney.

Donations over $2 are tax deductible and all are gratefully received.

The Gig Buddies Sydney project is an initiative of ACL Disability Services.

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