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About Gig Buddies and Licensing

We’re keen to work with organisations who are going to be able to work with us to transform communities through their Gig Buddies project whilst upholding the core fundamentals of what makes Gig Buddies special to us.

We're looking to work with organisations who:
  • Work with people with learning disabilities in an inclusive way, enabling them to be fully involved in decisions about the project.

  • Will be able to create a dedicated role for a project coordinator to oversee the project locally.

  • Are open to taking an assets based approach to running the project/training, eg. utilising the particular skills of participants in training sessions.

  • Are realistically going to be able to get their version of Gig Buddies off the ground within 9 months of expressing an interest (including securing funding)

  • Are willing to support the wider work of the Gig Buddies project in its attempts to challenge and change institutionalised care systems, that don’t support people after 9pm at night. This may include committing to make changes within your own organisation if you are a support provider.

Self Eligibility Checklist

Are you passionate about inclusion and enabling people with learning disabilities to be full and active members of their community?


Are you committed to ensuring your Gig Buddies project is as user-led as possible?


Do you have the backing of your board/management, and experience of running a volunteer project?


Are you up for experimenting, trying things out and sharing your experiences?

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