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exclusive offers for Gig Buddies participants and volunteers

What are Buddy Benefits?

• Buddy Benefits are special offers donated to the Gig Buddies Project.

• Buddy Benefits are for active Gig Buddies participants and volunteers

• Buddy Benefits events are not hosted by Gig Buddies staff

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Contact Gig Buddies to get your tickets or special code

fill in the form below and we will send you your special deal or discounted tickets

Thanks for applying for your special Buddy Benefit. Gig Buddies staff will get back to you soon with more details.

Thank you to all the supporters of the Gig Buddies project for offering unique experiences and fun opportunities for adults with disability and volunteer buddies.

You too can support the Gig Buddies project with a Buddy Benefit

If you are a venue, tour promotor, local business, sporting club, movie theatre, restaurant and/or provider of fun activities and would like to offer the Gig Buddies community a Buddy Benefit, please contact the Gig Buddies team at


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