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Gig Buddies Project - Code of Conduct

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About this page

This page provides guidelines regarding the Gig Buddies project's position on volunteers, staff and participants.

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Antisocial Behaviour photo - person fighting with another person
Boundaries image
  • Please respect all people’s privacy and personal boundaries (read more)

  • Volunteers are not support workers (read more)

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  • Gig Buddies is a befriending project

  • It is not a dating agency

Alcohol image - two people drinking
  • Excessive drinking will not be tolerated when at a Gig Buddies event or out with your gig buddy

  • Possessing and/or using illegal substances will not be tolerated when at a Gig Buddies event or out with your gig buddy

  • If driving to or from a Gig Buddies event or going out with your buddy, don’t drink any alcohol

Safe guarding image - nurse and policeman
Safeguarding (see definition)
  • The safety and wellbeing of all people in the project is important to the Gig Buddies initiative.

  • All matched volunteers submit an NDIS Worker Screening Check (or police check) and attend volunteer training

Social Media illustration - person on mobile phone
Social Media and Online Activities (Facebook, Instagram, Messenger, Zoom etc.)
Volunteer code of conduct image - person reading
Volunteer Code of Conduct and Volunteer Policy
  • Volunteers must read, commit to and agree to the volunteer code of conduct (read here)

  • Volunteer and participants are encouraged to read Gig Buddies project's volunteer policy (read here). This policy covers Gig Buddies' position on; human rights, code of ethics and conduct, duty of care and dignity of risk, and abuse, assault and neglect response policy.

Open discussion and transparency - Image of Person on phone
Open discussion and transparency
  • If you believe somebody has dis-respected the GB Code of Conduct, or behaved inappropriately, please contact the GB team or our user-led representatives, the Soul Fly Band.

  • The Gig Buddies project respects your rights (read more), your right to an opinion and encourage feedback.

  • If you have any issues with the management of the project or would like to make suggestions, please fill out a feedback form, or contact us.

Right of refusal image - man holding up hand in stop signal
Right of refusal
  • The Gig Buddies project and ACL Disability Services reserve the right to exclude persons from the project for breaching the Code of Conduct (this page).

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