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“This page is for adults with mild to moderate learning disability and/or autism who want to get out more and go to events with a volunteer buddy”.

Please read this page and then click the Apply Now button at bottom of the page to join Gig Buddies

As a Gig Buddies participant, you can...

be paired up with a volunteer “gig buddy” and go out together once a month​



go to social events hosted by the Gig Buddies team (with or without your volunteer)

(getting paired up with a volunteer to go out)

5 Steps to being a Gig Buddy

If you are signed up as a participant or volunteer you can come to our group events

(even if you don’t have a gig buddy)

*Matching you with a buddy can take some time. The Gig Buddies project cannot guarantee participants will be matched with a volunteer

** A signed Service Agreement must be returned to ACL Disability Services before a pairing can be made.

Gig Buddies and the NDIS

The Gig Buddies project charges 3 hours per month** administration charge.
This comes from your NDIS package (Core Support or Capacity Building).

For more information about the NDIS fee click here

What does NDIS funding go towards?

** the 3 hours per month administration charge is not directly related to the number of hours participants spend with their volunteer buddy

Start your application below

* You must answer (tick) the 3 questions below before being taken to the form *

the above link will not work unless you have not answered the above 3 questions

*If you do not have NDIS funding for the Gig Buddies project at the moment please contact us before filling in the participant sign up form. 

ph: 02 9419 6951 (during business hours - Mon to Fri,  9am to 5pm)


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