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Volunteer Vault #18

Today we hear from Nick (below left), who tells us more about his match with John (below right).

- How long have you been volunteering with Gig Buddies?

2.5 years.

- Is Gig Buddies your first volunteering role?

It’s not my first. I was lucky enough to be involved with Father Chris Riley "Youth off the Streets" Program and volunteered with my dad doing some work with people experiencing homelessness. 

- Why do you volunteer with Gig Buddies?

As an aspiring musician (and general barfly) I love supporting live music and enjoying Sydney's nightlife.

When I first heard about Gig Buddies I was pretty unaware of the barriers people living with a disability face in getting out and enjoying concerts, pubs, clubs etc and thought it was such a fantastic idea and something I'd really like to get involved with.

Two plus years down the track I’d say I do it because it’s fun! John and I are great mates and we have met some awesome people and made friends with heaps of other volunteers and participants alike.

The team puts in a lot of time and effort to organise some awesome events, and a few free tickets to concerts, galleries never go astray. 

- How would you describe your volunteering experience with Gig Buddies?

Rewarding, and a heap of fun. John and I have been paired for over two years so it's just like catching up with any other friend.

It's been so incredible to see my buddy's confidence grow, and be able to provide a solid framework for my buddy to model other adult friendships off.

I think volunteering has done as much for me as it has for John. 

- Tell us about some of the highlights from your time volunteering with Gig Buddies?


Gig Buddies' birthday parties are definitely a highlight of the year.

Some other highlights would definitely be heading out with John and visiting the Easter Show, HyperKarting, seeing Carl Barron live at State Theatre, weeknight gigs at Frankies Pizza, The Australian Museum, meeting each others families, and getting a crash course in Marvel movies from John.

Mostly I just look forward to catching up with my mate for a cheeky beer and a chat about what's been going on in our lives. 

- What would you say to someone reading this who is thinking about volunteering with Gig Buddies?

Stop thinking and sign up! You won't look back, you will have the support of the Gig Buddies’ team every step of the way, and you’ll have fun getting out and about and make some lifelong friendships. 


"I think volunteering has done as much for me as it has for John"

We’re always looking for more people like Nick.

If you would like to volunteer with us, look no further: to sign up with our Sydney project click here, and jump on this link to get involved on the Central Coast.

And to find out more about our current openings, click on the 'volunteers wanted' images below.


"Mostly I just look forward to catching up with my mate for a cheeky beer and a chat…"

And if you’re after some further inspiration, check out past testimonies from our laudable batch of volunteers by clicking here.


Are you looking to volunteer?

We need volunteers! Click on the image above for current Sydney roles and the graphic below for opportunities on the Central Coast.

If you have any questions or would like more information, contact us via Facebook or email:


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