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Welcome to Gig Buddies Sydney

What is Gig Buddies?

There are three main parts to the Gig Buddies project.

1. Buddying

Building a one-on-one friendship between a participant and volunteer.

2. Events/Socials

Group social events run by the Gig Buddies team.

3. Volunteering

Catching up with a Gig Buddies participant once a month

What people are saying about Gig Buddies

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"It’s been such a special, fulfilling time. Meeting Kieran has bettered me as a person and I learn things from him all the time. We have a lot of fun and it is drama free. Very refreshing when compared to other relationships/areas of life."



click below to watch a video about the Gig buddies project

Who is Gig Buddies for?

Image of pairs of gig buddies doing things together.

Who is it for?

A Gig Buddies participant is an adult (18 years and older) with mild to moderate learning disability and/or autism, who wants to make new friends and do fun stuff.

A Gig Buddies volunteer is someone who wants to expand their social circles, make friends, support a person with a disability and do fun things.


How "Buddying" works

The Gig Buddies team matches and pairs a volunteer and an adult with a mild to moderate learning disability and/or autism. 

Buddies are paired based on mutual interests - such as music tastes, sport and hobbies - and other factors such as location and age.

Once paired, buddies go out together once a month for a year (or longer). 

Click here for FAQs - Frequently Asked Questions.

Click here if you have a learning disability and/or autism and want to hang out with a Gig Buddy Volunteer

This is an infographic explaining the five steps involved in becoming a gig buddy

What do buddies do together?

Image that says "what is a gig?"

Buddied-up participants and volunteers catch up once a month and choose the "gigs" they both want to go to together.

A "gig" is whatever you want it to be.

It can be...

opera, theatre, sport, bushwalking, bowling, movies, having dinner, playing pool, surfing, food markets, musical theatre, go cart racing, horse riding, dancing, video games, train spotting, mini golf etc...

Click here for FAQs - Frequently Asked Questions.

get involved...

click here to find out more about Buddying - doing fun stuff with a volunteer buddy
click here to find out more about Group Social Events - doing fun stuff with a group
click here to find out more about Volunteering - going to gigs and hanging out with asn adult with a learning disability
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the NDIS

Gig Buddies and the NDIS

The Gig Buddies project is a not-for-profit initiative.

The standard monthly charge to support the project is 3 hours per month from Core Support or Capacity Building.


Buddy Pairing (monthly catch-ups)

The monthly administration charge covers the process of pairing up gig buddies and ongoing support.

Paired gig buddies then catch up once a month for a year (or more).

(buddies pay for their own tickets, food and drinks when catching-up)


Group Socials

The monthly charge also includes access to the many Gig Buddies hosted Group Socials
(*some hosted socials have additional charges)

find out more about NDIS here.

People holding the letters n, d, i, and s.

the Gig Buddies project is user-led

sfb soul fly band photo June 2024 copy.png

Stavros, Lachlan, Bevan, Nalyn, Alex, Jack, Audrey and Karen

The Soul Fly Buddies
(Gig Buddies' user-led advisory team)

We are an advisory group of participants set up to oversee and advise the Gig Buddies project. We catch up monthly and help shape the Gig Buddies project going forward.

Click here to visit our page.

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