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Soul Fly Buddies Blog - Nalyn

Updated: Oct 22, 2023

"I found different ways to connect with my community and friends…”

My name is Nalyn, and during lockdown I have been busy making craft kits as well as videos to share with my Storytime community online since we aren’t able to work in person.

Storytime is where I volunteer every week (except school holidays) at Livvi’s Place, an inclusive playground in Ryde, Sydney. Children and their parents come along to sing songs, dance, read stories and make craft.

During lockdown I found different ways to connect with my community and friends. On the weekends and during the school holidays I have been going to the playground to drop off craft kits for families to collect so that they can make them at home. I have also left some kits outside my home so that families can pick them up when they go for a walk around the neighbourhood.

I also mailed some craft kits to friends and families and they shared photos of their craft and told me how much they enjoyed making them and that they miss me a lot. I miss them a lot too.

We have a Facebook page where I have shared my singing and craft activities, which everyone is welcome to join

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