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Soul Fly Buddies Blog - Joni

Updated: Oct 22, 2023

"I highly recommend Gig Buddies”

“My name is Joni Campbell and I have been a part of Gig Buddies for the past few years. I have been to lots of great events through this amazing organisation. I’ve been to a silent disco at the aquarium, have been on a Halloween cruise and have also danced and been a part of the Mardi Gras Parade the last two years which was so surreal, and a big dream come true.

When I first signed up to be a part of Gig Buddies I was so lucky to be paired up with a lovely woman called Jade. Jade and I did many fun activities together such as bowling, going out for dinners, going to the Grease Sing Along Night and last year’s Christmas party. At the end of last year I found out that Jade would no longer be my volunteer; I was sad when I found this out but also understood why and her and I have kept our friendship, which is lovely. The fun times I had with Jade will remain with me always. I’ll be honest not having a volunteer has been challenging and I have found it hard to go to socials as having someone there with me makes me feel at ease and socially comfortable. I would like to work on being confident in going to socials on my own - and I know that If some of my friends are going that will give me the confidence in attending those socials.

I had my paired meeting on Saturday 14 May with Bec and my new volunteer, Elise. Before the meeting I was both excited and nervous. As soon as I met Elise my nerves went away and discovered that we have a lot in common and we had so many things to talk about. Elise and I have planned many fun activities together such as going to some cool bars, going out for dinner, a stand-up comedy show and attending the Gig Buddies 7th Birthday party. I’m really excited as this is the start of a new friendship that I know will last a lifetime.

Being a part of Gig Buddies has changed my life and I have found a new confidence within myself and feel confident in going up and meeting new people. I have made many new friends at the socials and it’s always lovely catching up with my old ones as well. I have social anxiety and so meeting new people and having a conversation with them can be quite overwhelming, but I’ve learnt to have confidence and to tell myself that I’ve got this and I can do it - and it’s these positive words that I tell myself which really help and end up having a positive outcome.

I highly recommend Gig Buddies as it’s a great way to meet new people, make new friends and to do things you’ve always wanted to do but might not have had the chance to do them. Gig Buddies will change your life just like it has changed mine."

Joni, gig buddy and Soul Fly Buddies member

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