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Soul Fly Buddies Blog - Yasmin

Updated: Oct 22, 2023

"….I’ve never been on radio before"

"On Sunday 8th of July, I went to putt putt golf with my gig buddy Veronica at Holey Moley in North Strathfield. We had so much fun there; when we arrived at Holey Moley we got our golf balls from the vending machines provided which had different colours, and the golf clubs that were standing there on a rack. We played two games of putt putt golf, and we both enjoyed ourselves.

We’ve previously been bowling at the same area in North Strathfield, and in a few weeks, Veronica and I are going to see the Barbie movie in Parramatta.

I went on radio last month with Aylin, talking about Gig Buddies and Soul Fly Buddies, and it was interesting as I’ve never been on radio before.

In my spare time, I’m studying Certificate 3 in Information Technology, which is exciting as I’m learning new things about computers.”

- Yasmin, Soul Fly Buddies

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