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Five more matches ready to go

Over the next two weeks we’ll have another five volunteers trained, ready to get gigging with their gig buddies.

We recently did the rounds, calling all our volunteers who have submitted completed applications to reassure that we’re always looking to get them paired up. Of the five receiving training in our Chatswood office this week (Tuesday 2/2) and on Wednesday Feb 16, two submitted applications in December of last year, two completed in August 2015 and the other in June 2015.

We’ll endeavor to find gig buddies for all our volunteers, irrespective of when they applied; besides sharing a passion for a particular activity, we take into consideration gender, age and location. Of those set to undertake training within the next fortnight, they fit the profile for their gig buddies, who - like our volunteers – have also waited patiently for a pairing (over the course of 2015, the five gig buddies to be matched up joined in March, June, August, September and December).

As we relayed in our volunteer courtesy calls, please remain patient – we will find you a gig buddy. We also say the same to our gig buddies when they come to our office for their initial interview: just because we’re awash with amazing volunteers (288 as of the last count), we’re not in the process of pairing people for the sake of it. We strive to ensure all matches are compatible to the wants and needs of both the volunteer and gig buddy.

(Here's how it works: a breakdown of the pairing process)

Upon completion of the aforementioned two volunteer training sessions we’ll have 29 matches. That’s 29 people who, prior to signing up with gig buddies, may have been socially isolated.

As highlighted in the article, British charity Mencap spoke to 338 people living with a disability aged 18 to 35, and its research indicated nearly half want to spend more time outside their homes. The research also suggests around a third spend less than one hour a day outside their homes on a typical Saturday.

Matthew Collins

Gig Buddies Sydney Social Media Coordinator

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