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“This video sums up our work perfectly”.

Earlier in the year we were approached by UTS students who, as part of their communication practice studies, were set the challenge of finding a “communication engagement problem that required a resolving strategy”.

After coming across the Gig Buddies Sydney blog, students Adelaide Coleman, Jen Ng, Annabel Manning, Roberto Rasel Motta Pirotelli and Tash Green set about ways to help us address the issues surrounding our ratio of three volunteers to one gig buddy.

Having met with the Gig Buddies Sydney team and attended our Manly event where they chatted to gig buddies, volunteers and their friends and family, they decided to create a ‘digital information pack’ that would showcase all that we have to offer.

To attract new gig buddies they created an information handbook (above) that, along with featuring an interview with gig buddy Hayes, his mum Debbie and Hayes’ volunteer Stefan, includes details on what the project stands for and how it works. Additionally, they produced a video (below) starring gig buddy Nathan, his mum Joanne and Nathan’s volunteer, Katie.

Yesterday, both Tony and I presented at the St George and Sutherland Disability Interagency (photo below) where we informed those in attendance – disability organisations from Sydney’s south west – about what we do, during which we premiered their handiwork. After all, as I rightly pointed out to our audience, “it’s one thing standing here and telling you about what we do, but this video sums up our work perfectly.”

We are delighted with the finished product and we cannot thank Adelaide, Jen, Annabel, Roberto and Tash enough. Both the handbook and the video are excellent marketing tools for us to showcase what we’re about, and they will definitely assist us when it comes to addressing our imbalance of volunteer to gig buddy ratio.

Matthew Collins

Gig Buddies Sydney Social Media Coordinator

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