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Volunteer Vault #4

The 'vault’ is back. It’s time to shed some light on another of our wonderful volunteers.

This is how our ‘Gig Buddies volunteer vault’ feature works: at the end of each month we invite a current volunteer to talk about their experiences with the project.

Today it’s the turn of Rodrigo, pictured alongside buddy, Stavros (below, L -R).

- How long have you been volunteering with Gig Buddies?

I've been with Gig Buddies for more than two years.

- Is Gig Buddies your first volunteering role?

No. While living in New Zealand I volunteered with SPCA (Royal New Zealand Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Incorporated), helping with maintaining the centre.

- Why do you volunteer with Gig Buddies?

I moved to Australia a couple of months before joining Gig Buddies. After reading about Gig Buddies online, I thought it'd be an opportunity to make friends.

Looking back now, I can definitely see how much my buddy, Stavros, helped me to meet new people, have new experiences, and explore new parts of the city.

- How would you describe your volunteering experience with Gig Buddies?

Awesome! We have been to soccer games, museums, and Gig Buddies’ events.

It's worth mentioning: Stavros is a rock star! Everywhere we go, people know him!

Nothing compares, however, to the heavy metal concerts we've been to. Stavros is a metalhead! He introduced me to local bands. He knows their members and they are always happy to see us around!

We enjoyed many concerts and we already have plans for many more!


"I started with Gig Buddies looking for friends and ended up having a family!"

- Tell us about some of the highlights from your time volunteering with Gig Buddies

It's true we always have a great time together! And I absolutely love those moments. However, the small conversations and messages are so special to me. Stavros is a kind and lovely person!

I have a six-month-old baby and it has been amazing to see how much Stavros cares about my family and me. The day Stavros and his mum met my little one was so special.

One day, we were at a metal concert and someone asked if we were brothers - we promptly replied "yes"!

- What would you say to someone reading this who is thinking about volunteering with Gig Buddies?

I started with Gig Buddies looking for friends and ended up having a family!


"…. I thought it'd be an opportunity to make friends”

A huge thanks to Rodrigo for sharing his Gig Buddies’ story. We hope his words resonate with our current batch of volunteers, plus those who are thinking about signing up.

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