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Soul Fly Buddies Blog - Stavros' Metal Meet Up

Metal meet ups

“Hi there all,

I want to tell you a bit about Metal Meet Up. It’s an event that my mate Dave Balfour organises every 6 months at the Belvedere Hotel on Kent Street in the city.

My best friend Tan Lansdell rang up Gig Buddies after I done an interview on the ABC 7:30 Report with Jess at the Bald-Faced Stag in Leichhardt (now with the new name ‘Crowbar’ and new owners). After the interview, Carol sent me a friend request for Tan Lansdell. I accepted her friend request.

After becoming friends with Tan, I also met Camron McKenzie who runs Aftershock Heavy Metal Festival. He then introduced me to Nick. He was with Temtris for a while, and now he has his new band Livewire. Lovely guy.

Tan told me that she wanted me to come to Metal Meet Up. That’s where I met more lovely people: the creator of Metal Meet Up, Dave Balfour, Luck, Wendy his wife, and Genevieve for the first time. Very lovely people, all of them.

At Metal Meet Up we talk, we eat food, we drink alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks, and listen to lots of heavy metal music on Luck’s iPod. We also go across the road to Utopia Records to buy everything heavy metal, from CDs, records, band patches from small to large, back patches, shirts, jumpers, books, DVDs and Blue Ray, and flags.

If you want to buy anything, the staff there great and very helpful. You can ask for any heavy metal release dates of your favourite bands and they will help you.

Overall, a great experience and great way to meet likeminded people who love lots of heavy metal music as much as I do.

My gig buddy Rodrigo and I went to lots of Temtris gigs together. All of them are lots of fun with my best mate and we have many more to come this year!

Thanks for listening all”

- Stavros

Photos supplied by Sydney Metal Meet Up.

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