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Discrimination: knowing your rights

Last Friday our user-led group, Soul Fly Band, met with Jon Wilson, Senior Constable - Vulnerable Communities Liaison Officer/Aged Crime Prevention Officer with NSW Police - to discuss the issue of discrimination and ‘what to do if people with disabilities encounter harassment or bullying’.

Advocating on behalf of the Gig Buddies Sydney community, Soul Fly Band members quizzed Jon about the differences between harassment, bullying and hate crimes, along with asking questions about the current Sydney lockout laws and how NSW Police engage with people with disabilities.

Following Friday’s meeting the Soul Fly Band will put together an information piece, advising people with disabilities on what they should do if they experience discrimination.

We’d like to thank Jon (pictured above alongside Myra, Stavros, Lachy, Jack, Fraser and Audrey, L - R) for coming in. The Soul Fly Band will share their findings in due course.


Keep bowlin’, bowlin’, bowlin’, bowlin'

In other news, we’ve received a number of emails about this Thursday’s social event at Waverley Bowlo. It has sold out and, unfortunately, we are unable to extend our reservation.

But alas, for those wanting to partake in a spot of lawn bowls, we can be found north of the Harbour Bridge on Tuesday 7 April, hitting up Manly Bowling Club.

Tickets cost $16.50 each and can be bought from this link.

We also have limited tickets available to our other socials, Taco Tuesday in Bondi on Tuesday 24 March and the A-League match between Sydney FC and Perth Glory on Saturday 14 March.

To find out more about any of our forthcoming events, click here to check out our ‘what’s on’ page.


Two more to the team

And lastly, we’d like to welcome two new matches to the family.

Here’s us introducing JD and Helen (top, L - R) and Claudia and Erin (bottom, L - R). We’re looking forward to seeing you out and about at a future Gig Buddies Sydney event.


Matthew Collins

Gig Buddies Sydney Community Engagement Coordinator


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