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Two from two for Sharks Buddies

Hats off to the gig buddies who joined us on Saturday night for Cronulla Sharks’ game against Wests Tigers.

Taking our place on The Hill at Leichhardt Oval, we were part of the 13,405 crowd who watched the Sharks come away with the win, 22-16.

In line with our partnership with the NRL champions, we’ll be doing it all again at the end of the month for game three - this time returning to Cronulla on Saturday 27th for the Sharks game against Canterbury Bulldogs.

To view the entire photo gallery from Saturday’s match against the Tigers click the link here, and to register for the fixture against the Bulldogs get in touch with us via email:

Matthew Collins

Gig Buddies Sydney Community Engagement Coordinator

Would you like more information about Gig Buddies Sydney? You’re only a click away. Connect with us via the links below.

Fancy reveling in legendary status? If so, please support us in our cause to get more people out to live events in Sydney. Donations over $2 are tax deductible and all are gratefully received.

Gig Buddies Sydney is an initiative of ACL Disability Services

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