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Introducing the Soul Fly Band

We’re delighted to have taken the first steps towards becoming a truly user led project.

Step up the Soul Fly Band, our newly established Gig Buddies Sydney user group, led by four current participants.

Tilly, Audrey, Lachie and Stavros (left to right, above) came together for their first meeting on Friday (21/10) and, along with coming up with a group name, began work on curating a mission statement for the project.

The group will catch up monthly (with the next meeting scheduled for 25/11) and will help shape Gig Buddies Sydney going forward. We’re in the process of creating a designated section on our website, which along with individual profiles, will include contact details – providing our service users an opportunity to discuss matters important to them.

At their next meeting the Soul Fly Band will fine-tune the mission statement along with discussing future Gig Buddies Sydney socials and potential Sydney Festival events of interest.

Thanks to Kevin du Preez (far right, below), ACL Disability Services board member, for his assistance during Friday's meeting.

Elsewhere, over 20 gig buddies and volunteers descended on the Opera House forecourt on Friday to witness ‘Sydney Opera House – the Opera (The 8th Wonder)’.

Soaking up the sporadic evening sunshine (and copping a bit of drizzle after the interval), The Eighth Wonder – an Australian play “charting the dramatic creation of the world’s most famous building” while “revealing the hopes and dreams, triumphs and failures of the artists, politicians and people of the time” - is Australia’s first ever “silent opera”.

We would like to say a huge thanks to the Sydney Opera House and their Balnaves Foundation Open House Program for kindly considering us for an allocation of discounted tickets.

Earlier in the year we were supplied with cheap tickets to a couple of Vivid Festival gigs, and we most definitely appreciate their ongoing generosity.

Matthew Collins

Gig Buddies Sydney Social Media Coordinator

Would you like more information about Gig Buddies Sydney? You’re only a click away. Connect with us via the links below.

Fancy reveling in legendary status? If so, please support us in our cause to get more people out to live events in Sydney. Donations over $2 are tax deductible and all are gratefully received.

Gig Buddies Sydney is an initiative of ACL Disability Services

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