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Outlining our challenges and successes

Today (27/10) Carol and I presented at the Northern Sydney Disability Network, held at the Willougby Council Chambers.

Informing those in attendance about Gig Buddies Sydney, from our beginnings to the current day, we discussed our successes and the challenges we still face.

Currently we have 20 gig buddy pairs either out attending live events or in the process of being readied to go out, including Hayes and his volunteer Stefan, who attended their first gig last weekend (25/10 - photo above). Checking out the sounds of Peter Northcote, they ventured to the Bridge Hotel in Rozelle where Corey, another gig buddy (photo below), joined the band on stage singing Tears in Heaven.

Outlining the challenges we face, we explained that we’re still desperately short of volunteers in Hornsby but we’re taking steps to address this, as well as add to our gig buddy numbers’ to address our 3:1 ratio of volunteer to gig buddies. With a number of disability organisations from the local area in attendance we are hoping that today’s presentation will further assist us.

We’ve had a strong uptake for our next gig buddy social, to be held at Spring Street Social in Bondi on Friday 20 November. Following the trend of previous shindigs, held at the Slip Inn and the Hotel Steyne, we find these a great way to engage with our volunteers and gig buddies.

We’ve more planned for the future as we try to make our way around Sydney; our forays to different parts of the city represent an ideal opportunity for us to reach new gig buddies and overcome some of our hurdles.

Matthew Collins

Gig Buddies Sydney Social Media Coordinator

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