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Struggling for gig or event ideas? We may be able to help.

“Where’s a good place to look for up and coming gigs?”

That’s a question we frequently get asked here at Gig Buddies Sydney.

Short of running a Google search for things going on in Sydney, we suggest checking out the following for a more precise run down on the city’s latest events.

Bandsintown: load up either their app or website to find out who's playing in Sydney.

Resident Advisor: a definitive guide for all things going on in the world of dance music. They also offer an app.

Timeout Magazine: either via their posted hardcopy or emailed newsletter, here you’ll find anything and everything that’s going on in Sydney. Arts, food and drink, music and nightlife, and a run down on things to do during the day - this site has it all. as well as their informative walks, talks and short courses page, be sure to check out their freebies section. Sydney plays host to a number of festivals and community events. Here you’ll find a list of local gigs happening throughout the city.

There are dozens more suitbale sites and titles out there. If there’s one you feel is worthy of a mention get in touch via our Facebook page - we are more than happy to share your suggestions on our website.

Matthew Collins

Gig Buddies Sydney Social Media Coordinator

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