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Finding the funds for volunteer training

THIS week we’ve been focused on ways to expedite our volunteer training process.

Plans are afoot to address this, but all (or most) ideas cost money.

Currently, all volunteers are required to travel to the ACL offices in Chatswood to take up the necessary eight hours training; due to staff numbers all training takes place at select weekends – limiting our ability to prepare the steady stream of gig buddies we have received applications from.

Bottlenecked, the way to speed up this process is to create an intranet system where we upload training videos for all our volunteers. Armed with their login details, they will be able to access prerecorded material pertaining to safeguarding, a Gig Buddies Sydney organizational breakdown and an introduction to the disability industry among many other aspects. The remaining three hours will be spent in the office covering scenario based training – offering advice in a group setting on what to do in certain situations.

For our plan to come to fruition we’ve taken steps to raise the required capital. As a newly established not-for-profit trying to make its mark we recently enrolled in the Connect Sydney Grant Submission Training, hosted by the City of Sydney.

Sharpening up our skills on how to present a “winning grant application”, we have since submitted documents to Transurban and Australia Post - with pending applications waiting to be sent to North Sydney Council and Accessible Arts (among many others).

By cutting the face-to-face training time from eight to three hours we’ll be able to deliver our scenario based training sessions during the week, meaning more volunteers will be expeditiously prepared to attend live events with their participant.

Matthew Collins

Gig Buddies Sydney Social Media Coordinator

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