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Veneration for our volunteers

WE'VE nothing but appreciation for our volunteers, and to mark the start of National Volunteer Week we have taken time to look at ways in which we’ll show love for those who give up their time.

Run a simple Google search on ‘how to appreciate your volunteer’ and you’ll find pages and pages of results – from offering free food (light snacks are offered during our training day) to giving a mug with a motif or thank you message (we’ve something similar planned for the future).

Pertinent to Gig Buddies Sydney, we’ve selected the best examples of appreciation we’ll throw our volunteers’ way.

Lend a listening ear:

A motivating factor for volunteers is the drive for influence. We believe those that have signed up with Gig Buddies Sydney have done so because they’re not only passionate about the project, but because they have knowledge of the live music scene in Sydney – and they want to share their experiences. We grant that opportunity, and we’re always on hand to listen to our volunteers on how to future-shape the project.

Catch up with volunteers:

Tying in with the above is our wont to be in regular contact with our volunteers. Granted, our volunteers and their gig buddy are expected to be in regular contact - and to some that may indicate that “they’re left to their own devices” - but that's not true. We will endeavour to catch up and regularly talk to volunteers (and their gig buddies, of course) to ensure we fix any issues, along with ensuring we’re on the right track.

Share those experiences:

Facebook, twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram and our Gig Buddies Sydney blog – that’s a lot of platforms for us to share our volunteers’ experiences. Interacting with our volunteers and getting to know them personally in the form of interviews, gig reviews, Q and As, guest posts, profiles etc will not only provide us with great feedback, but it is also material we can use for future recruitment.

By sharing we intend to acknowledge the efforts of our volunteers; we’ll strive to accentuate our respect and appreciation for their achievements by detailing their stories.

It works both ways:

We’ve already received a job reference request, and that’s not surprising considering the word ‘volunteer’ looks good on a resume. For those that give up their time we’re more than happy to provide a reference or write a recommendation for connections on LinkedIn.

Thank me with goodies:

Who doesn’t like receiving gifts? We’ve plans afoot for a free fashion accessory as a way of saying “thank you” to our volunteers. All will be announced in due course but it’s a small token of our gratitude for the dedication they show to our cause.

Have we missed anything? We’re all ears at Gig Buddies Sydney HQ about how we could further add adulation to our volunteers.

This weekend Sean put another four volunteers through their paces, and we’ve got another two sessions penciled in for May. That’ll bring the number of trained volunteers up to 19– and we’re always looking for more!

Matthew Collins

Gig Buddies Sydney Social Media Coordinator

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