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Dragons’ den round up

WHAT a fantastic night at the 10x10 Sydney fundraiser! Not only did we raise over $6000, we also received five applications from people wanting to volunteer along with well over a dozen expressions of interest from those considering future involvement, and a pro bono offer form a Sydney law firm offering Gig Buddies Sydney legal advice.

Our CEO, Carol Smail, delivered a five minute pitch, which was followed by a ‘grilling’ from the host dragon on the night – Daniel Petre, once the right hand man to Microsoft billionaire Bill Gates. Daniel quizzed Carol on how Gig Buddies Sydney measures success, how the donations would be spent effectively and what any money received would go towards.

Setting up: Readying our table for a night in the dragons' den.

Audience Q and As covered issues pertaining to participant logistics and costs associated in attending gigs, the screening of volunteers and possible events other than music.

Daniel later gave a speech that we feel resonates strongly with our Gig Buddies Sydney ethos: “When looking for a charity to donate to, find the ones that are best of breed. Find those that are not only doing a good thing, but are doing a good thing effectively”.

Carol outlined that, to date, we have received over 200 applications from people wanting to volunteer, and 90 submissions from participants. Our desire of getting people out to more gigs (or in most instances, to their first ever live music event) is only achievable once the volunteers have received training and the participant is paired with someone who shares similar interests. This takes time and does cost money, but the donations received will ensure our good work continues in an effective as possible manner.

Pitching: Carol delivering the Gig Buddies Sydney message to a room of over 120.

During the night we also set up a first: an international gig buddies volunteer exchange! Following the pitches the room opened up and we fielded an enquiry from someone wishing to volunteer, but is due to move back to London. That said person was provided with information about Gig Buddies UK - conveniently located in nearby Sussex. Madeline, the Gig Buddies project coordinator in Blighty, keep your eyes out for application from a former Sydney resident.

Matthew Collins

Gig Buddies Sydney Social Media Coordinator

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