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Stepping into the dragons’ den

This forthcoming Thursday (23/4) our CEO, Carol Smail, will be stepping into the dragons’ den – all with the intention of raising funds for Gig Buddies Sydney.

Organised by 10x10 Sydney we go up against two other charities, pitching our philosophy to a room of 120 people including the dragon on the night – once the right hand man to Microsoft billionaire Bill Gates and AO businessman and philanthropist, Daniel Petre – who will grill our business model.

Following our five minute brief, grilling and audience Q and As, those in attendance - all of whom have contributed $100 to be at the event – will be given tokens to allocate to any of the three charities over the course of the night.

Based on the style of popular UK TV show, the Dragons’ Den (or the Shark Tank in Australian money), there’s $10,000 (at least) up for grabs. Tickets to the event, taking place at the Woolloomooloo Bay Hotel are still available. With drinks and canapés taking place form 6.30, speakers will begin pitching at 7pm with the night wrapping up at 8.30.

Last Monday (14/4) both Carol and Sean, the Gig Buddies Sydney coordinator (pictured below), attended 10x10 Sydney rehearsals where they received helpful pointers on how to hone our message, which focuses on pairing people living with a disability with local music our leisure enthusiasts – making it easier for them to attend live events, and overcoming any obstacles.

10x10 Sydney is a project designed to engender a culture of giving and philanthropy within Australia’s young professionals and creative communities. Along with Gig Buddies Sydney, the two other competing charities taking part on the night, Top Blokes Foundation and Good360, were selected as organisations that create solutions to complex social issues within our communities. Of the past four 10x10 Sydney events, 12 charities have benefited with the last three taking home $25,000 between them.

Make sure to check out our facebook page along with our blog next Friday where we’ll reveal how we fared in the dragons’ den.

Matthew Collins

Gig Buddies Sydney Social Media Coordinator

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