Assisting a Gig Buddies volunteer: what to do if you are a support worker


As we do the rounds and get to meet more and more participants, we’ve put together a fact sheet for support workers or family members, offering some suggestions on how they can help prep for the nights out with their gig buddies volunteer.

  • Help the person you support by researching things they’d like to do with their buddy. We’ll never tire of emphasising the importance that the person you support is in charge: the decision on what they do, who they see or where they go is solely theirs.

  • With any research out the way, what gig they hit up as well as working out any logistics (travel, pick up/meet up times etc) is a two-way task between the person you support and their buddy.

  • Therefore, the two buddies should be in regular contact. In addition to the gig itself, catching up – be it over coffee or via text, facebook or email - prior to any event is a necessity.

  • If the person you support hasn’t heard from their gig buddy within a month, support them to make contact. If their buddy remains elusive contact the Gig Buddies Sydney staff.

  • If there are problems between the pair, encourage the person you support to call us at the office. Occasionally buddies just don’t click – we’re more than happy to re-match participants if this is the case!

  • In most cases volunteers often book tickets for up-and-coming events with the participant paying them back on the night. They may need your assistance in arranging money for this.

  • When it comes to the big night the person you support may require help to get ready. Micah (above, at our launch party in February) and a seasoned party-goer needs no assistance in getting ready, but not everyone has been to an event before.

  • One of the biggest challenges we find is that it’s sometimes difficult to make sure there’s regular communication between volunteers and participants. This is where support workers come in: assist in making sure dates are written in diaries and communication streams are open.

If you have any concerns or questions, we're only a phone call or email away.

Matthew Collins

Gig Buddies Sydney Social Media Coordinator

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