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“What would I say to other Gig Buddies? It was really good. I’d definitely recommend it!”

The photos and videos from Tim’s first gig are in.

Tim and Sean en route to the Annandale Hotel

Off the back of an amazing response to Tim’s blog interview, Sean – his gig buddy, ran a ‘before and after’ video interview prior last week’s gig, which took place at the Annandale Hotel.

Next stop, Annandale Hotel. Tim talks Gig Buddies on the train

Last week Tim said: “I am pumped about going to my first gig! I’m excited about experiencing the live music side and being in a crowd. I’m also looking forward to busting a move on the dance floor.”

Put your feet up Tim and tell us about your night

Playing on the night were Swamp Fat Jangles and Midnight Tea Party. Videos from both bands have been loaded to our YouTube page.

Party on Tim. Party on Sean

Matthew Collins

Gig Buddies Sydney Social Media Coordinator

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