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Welcome to the Gig Buddies Sydney blog – a weekly feature that you can set your watch to.

Having traversed through our website and/or come across one of our social media posts about the concept and our launch party, we’re hoping that you’re well acquainted to our message and vision: we provide support to people with learning disabilities to be a part of Sydney’s live music and festival culture.

Bringing such an initiative to Australian shores, along with throwing the celebratory launch party, is not a cheap business. The little bit of begging and borrowing aside (we reverted from stealing) we are massively indebted to those who have been generous enough to donate to our cause, not just financially but with good deeds and helpful hands.

We cannot say ‘thank you’ enough to those who have supported us: The City of Sydney and their Live Music Matters Project; the Tapper Family Trust; Grill’d Chatswood; Tom Marish; Toni and Guy Chatswood; the UNSW Roundhouse; Monster Rolls; the Monkey Bar, Chatswood; UTS Event Management student, Breanna Prisuda, and PPR. Your contributions will help leave a lasting legacy and create opportunities for Sydney’s disabled community to enjoy the buzz of live music.

Moreover, to those individuals who have split with your hard earned and contributed courtesy of PayPal via our donations page, we’re eternally grateful.

As evident by our forthcoming launch party, those who have purchased a ticket will be able to witness first hand where some of the allocated funds have gone. For those amongst you who want to sample the sounds of Seek the Silence and Bloods at the UNSW Roundhouse on Friday 13 February, tickets are still available.

See you on the dance floor,

Matthew and the Gig Buddies Sydney team.



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