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Carriageworks Gig Buddies Exclusive


Normally $50

Cut The Sky

Indigenous Dance

4th - 13th July (various times)

Carriageworks - 245 Wilson St, Eveleigh NSW 2015 (near Redfern)


Thursday 4 July 7:30pm
Friday 5 July 7:30pm
Saturday 6 July 7:30pm
Thursday 11 July 7:30pm
Friday 12 July 7:30pm
Saturday 13 July 2pm

Cut the Sky erupts in unpredictable shifts through the detritus of the past and the present in the north of Western Australia. Beginning in a near future as climate refugees, a displaced traditional owner, Indigenous and settler mining workers, a geologist, a sex worker, a scavenger and a protester reoccur in defining moments for the Kimberley as they face ever present end times. Tossed together in an extreme weather event, they shape-shift as a flock of urgent, spiralling butterflies— propelled through time tunnels to ratchet up the stakes in the search for water, for connection, for the future.

Featuring the epic perspectives of dream catcher Edwin Lee Mulligan seeing his Nyikina and Walmajarri Country through the eyes of his totems, songs by Ngaiire and covers of Nick Cave, Cut the Sky asks what it takes to dream a different future together?

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