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Soul Fly Buddies Blog - Audrey

"…. I feel like I’ve got two buddies now"

"I have some exciting news; my buddy Kristy, had a little baby boy in June and his name is Jackson. We met for coffee the other week. Jackson is so cute and fun and now he’s part of the Gig Buddies team and he will be coming on his first Gig Buddies event in October at the Ryde markets, so I can’t wait because I feel like I’ve got two buddies now.

I also want to thank Gig Buddies for organising an event in June to come and see my stage play Jellyfish. I got to live my wildest dream to be in a scripted stage play in a real theatre. Doing the play, Jellyfish, has changed my life in a strong way; it made me feel like I am a better person because I got to live in someone else’s shoes, that of my character, Kelly, who was a lot like me but had a lot more attitude. It made me feel stronger in knowing who I am.

I really appreciated having the support of Gig Buddies there in the audience. It is the world I live in through Gig Buddies and they have showed me that life is about diversity and accepting others for who they are.

Have a great October with your buddies!"

- Audrey, Soul Fly Buddies

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