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“As we continue to get our name out we are confident all volunteers will be matched”

Back in August we put out a blog post that made reference to our ‘three volunteers to one gig buddy ratio’.

Some four months on, and while we’ve seen a big rise in both volunteer and gig buddy numbers, that ratio still remains the same. We’re delighted that the demand for a gig buddy and the wont demonstrated by our volunteers remains so prevalent.

We should point out, however, that even though we have an abundance of volunteers, we do not discount those who applied back when we started the recruitment phase. As we continue to attract new gig buddies, all of whom have differing interests, we’ll continue to trawl through our database to find the perfect match – and that includes those who applied back in February of this year.

This week we host our final volunteer training session of the year. Of those attending, a number applied back when we started. Rather than have a glut of trained volunteers with no gig buddies to match with, we now look for suitable volunteers who can immediately be paired up. Furthermore, in line with recent gig buddy applications we have received, we’re already in the process of lining up suitable volunteers for our first training session of 2016.

To those volunteers who have submitted completed applications and are yet to be paired, we are in the process of contacting you. We want to reassure that we are continuing to search for more gig buddies and that without you – our amazing volunteers, we’re nothing. As we continue to get our name out there we are confident all volunteers will be matched.

Finally, the Gig Buddies Sydney team would like to say a massive thanks to Katie (pictured below), one of our volunteers and HR Associate at Pfizer, who – as part of their community work, have generously donated to our cause. We’re totally appreciative of the gesture and cannot say thank you enough.

Matthew Collins

Gig Buddies Sydney Social Media Coordinator

Want to see what we do? Load up our YouTube page. While in a social media headspace, please like us on Facebook, follow us on Twitter and Instagram, and connect with us on LinkedIn

All donations are gratefully received. If you would like to revel in legendary status please support us in our cause to get more people out to live events in Sydney.

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