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A volunteer training update

For a number of weeks we’ve been looking at ways of making things easier for our volunteers when it comes to training.

Today (6/11) we sat down with volunteers Jess and Lisa (below – thank you so much for being our ‘guinea pigs’) to deliver their training and get a better idea of the timing and commitment required for us to ready a volunteer with the necessary knowledge needed for when it comes to going out with a gig buddy.

We appreciate that sacrificing an entire Saturday is not for everyone, and from our point of view staff availability come weekends is not always a given. Likewise, we understand that coming to our Chatswood office during the working week is not viable for all.

Therefore, we are now in a position to offer volunteers the option of either receiving volunteer training during the working week (from 9am onwards and even after the close of business), in addition to the current Saturday alternative.

We are now going to begin approaching volunteers who we feel could immediately be paired with a gig buddy; with approximately 40 unmatched gig buddies we want to start by targeting those volunteers who we feel we could instantly match.

As we continue to recruit new gig buddies (Tony and I are to present at St George and Sutherland Disability Interagency in Kogarah this Tuesday. Moreover, we have a number of non gig buddies attending our Bondi event in two weeks time, 20/11) we will start to contact more and more volunteers, thus getting more people out to live events.

Matthew Collins

Gig Buddies Sydney Social Media Coordinator

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