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“Getting out and spending time with my gig buddy was amazing.”

THE Supanova Pop Culture Expo rolled into Sydney this weekend, bringing together supa-star celebrities and creative talent from the comic book, cartoon, science fiction, fantasy and gaming worlds'.

Kathleen (above right) and her gig buddy, Tim (above left), were on hand to experience “the costumes, the famous people and the wrestling”, as was Tim and his gig buddy, Sean (photo below).

“Getting out and spending time with my gig buddy was amazing. It was an excellent, enjoyable and pleasant day”, added Kathleen, who was on her third outing with her gig buddy.

“I met Jake ‘The Snake’ Roberts (below), which was a bit scary as he is so tall. He didn’t have his snake – I don’t think I would have been there if he had, but I got a photo and a signature”

Scores of celebrities were in attendance, including stars from Harry Potter, Doctor Who and Pirates of the Caribbean. Tim and Sean, also out for their third event, plan on returning next year “but will be dressing up!”

Sean confirmed: “I’m thinking of going as Hellboy and Tim mentioned going as The Hulk.”

“The highlight for me was watching the wrestling. I also enjoyed getting lots of photos, including the Star Wars storm troopers picture (below)”, added Tim.

Kathleen told us that for their next event, her and gig buddy Tim will hit up the Red Rattler on July 3rd: “I’m really looking forward to going to a live music venue”.

“I’ve only been to one live music event before, The Wiggles as a kid; that’s going back a long time”.

Tim said: “We’re going to see Hand of Mercy and Prepared Like A Bride, who are playing their last show”.

“They’re metal core groups and I’ve seen them both before. When I last met up with Kathleen I uploaded some YouTube clips of both bands and she said she would be keen on going”.

To see more of what went down at Supanova, check out our photo gallery.

Matthew Collins

Gig Buddies Sydney Social Media Coordinator

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