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What are Gig Buddies Events?

Gig Buddies group events are hosted by the GB team so that all signed-up participants and volunteers in the Gig Buddies project can catch up and do fun stuff in a group setting. 

The number of group events per month is limited because all group events are run as "not-for-profit". This means most events are free, and participants only pay for a group event to help cover the cost of admission tickets, venue hire and/or catering.

The main focus of the Gig Buddies project is to "buddy-up" participants and volunteers so they can catch up and go to their own events together. 


WAITING LIST for Yours and Owls Festival

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What: Yours and Owls Music Festival (waiting list only)

For active Gig Buddies Participants and Volunteers only

Where: Wollongong University

Tell me about the gig: Sign up here* to go on the waiting list to get exclusive tickets to Yours and Owls Festival

(*signing up here does not guarantee you will get a ticket as there are limited tickets)

When: Saturday 14 October

What time do we meet? Time and place is yet to be determined.

What time does the Festival begin? We will arrive at the festival at 12pm (midday)

What time does it end? 11pm

How much will it cost? The festival organisers are giving Gig Buddies exclusive discounted prices. Tickets are usually $159.90, but see discounted prices below:

$100 for Gig Buddies Participants (who are signed up to the project)

$50 for Active Volunteers who's buddy does not have a companion card

$0 for Active Volunteers or Support who's buddy does have a companion card

*These exclusive tickets will only be available through the Gig Buddies website. Please do not purchase tickets directly from the festival website.

Meeting spot: TBA

How do I get there? We will catch the train from Central to Wollongong Uni and then get a shuttle bus.

For information on public transport options, please load up the following link:

How will I get home? Please load up the same link - - for suitable options on how to get home. Please note, transports to and from the venue is not supplied. Attendees are required to make their own way to and from the venue but can travel with Gig Buddies staff will be catching public transport to and from the event.

More about the festival: Some huge artists on the lineup: Hilltop Hoods, Golden Features, Masego to name a few.

(Please see this link for details of the lineup: see this link for the general website:

Reminder: Please do not purchase tickets directly from the festival website above.

Food: Attendees can buy food and drink from the festival.

What else do I need to bring?

  • Money and/or Card for food and drinks. Please note, Yours and Owls is a cashless event. Attendees are required to have access to a debit card if they wish to purchase food/drink/merchandise.
  • ID
  • Don’t forget your Opal card if catching public transport
  • Phone for pictures and finding staff
  • Water
  • Mask and sanitiser if you wish

I have a question: If you’re unsure about something get in touch with us via email, on Facebook Messenger or contact us via text or on either 0411 252 228 or call us at the office: 02 9419 6951

How do I join? Register by getting a ticket from this page (click 'add to bag' in the top right hand corner and enter your details)

Please note:

  1. Attendees must bring ID.
  2. Gig Buddies staff will be in attendance, but will not be on hand to provide individual support.
  3. Getting there: Transport to and from the venue is not supplied. Attendees are responsible for making their own way to and from the venue.
  4. Getting home: Gig Buddies staff may help attendees with catching public transport, taxis or Ubers home - up until 30 minutes after the scheduled end; Gig Buddies staff are unable to assist attendees who remain at the venue beyond this time.
  5. Attendees do not need to be paired with a gig buddy to join us. All signed up participants or volunteers are welcome to join us.
  6. COVID-19: If you’re feeling unwell we ask that you do not attend.
  7. Participants who require extra support must let the Gig Buddies team know if they will be bringing along a support worker or family member to an event. Thank you.

*** Gig Buddies socials are for signed up participants, supports and volunteers of the project. If you are not a "gig buddy", but would like to join, click here ***

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if an event is sold out, please contact us and we will put you on a waiting list*

*please include

• name of event you would like to attend

• person(s) who would like to attend

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Chat with other buddies - times below

What do you like to do to relax? Self care ?
What is your dream destination?
What is your dream car ?
Favourite ice cream flavour or dessert?
What food item or cuisine could you eat forever?
Desert island disk. Which album would you take with you ?
What are you looking forward to in spring ?
What has been the best part of your week so far?
How do you like to unwind on a Friday?
Do you have a hidden talent?
Let's draw together? Bring paper and coloured pencils / pens
What did you get up to for the long weekend?
What are you enjoying about spring so far?
Have you tried something new lately ?
Which piece of technology besides your phone can't you live without?
Whats your favourite scary movie ?

*Chats are facilitated by a Gig Buddies staff member

* only available at times listed above


Are you new to Gig Buddies?

The events on this page are for all signed up buddies.

If you would like to go to our events and/or meet a gig buddy, click here to join.

(or click here to become a volunteer)

for more info call - (02) 9419 6951

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