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What are Gig Buddies Events?

Gig Buddies group events are hosted by the GB team so that all participants and volunteers in the Gig Buddies project can catch up and do fun stuff in a group setting. 

The number of group events per month is limited because all group events are run as "not-for-profit". This means most events are free, and participants only pay for a group event to help cover the cost of admission tickets, venue hire and/or catering.

The main focus of the Gig Buddies project is to "buddy-up" participants and volunteers so they can catch up and go to their own events together. 


Sunday midday DJ doof - Sunday 16 January @ 12pm

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What: Sunday midday DJ doof. House and techno vibes from midday

Where: From the comfort of your own home!... on Gig Buddies Facebook Page! (not Zoom)

Date and time: Sunday 16 January (midday - 12pm)

PLEASE NOTE: This event will be streamed live from the Gig Buddies Sydney Facebook page.

As this gig is not taking place on Zoom, we won’t be sending out an email invite. Rather, we request you login to Facebook and head to the Gig Buddies Sydney page at midday.

Alternatively, head straight to the event page by landing up the following link:

PLEASE READ BELOW (before getting ticket):

Information: Join us for a live stream from the Gig Buddies Sydney Facebook page. House music is the order of the night - get ready to dim the lights and crank up the speakers for our Sunday midday DJ doof. The party starts at 12pm.

I have a question: If you’re unsure about something get in touch with us via email, on Facebook Messenger or contact us via text or on the phone on either 0422 061 990 or 0412 145 819.

How do I join? It’s free to join. Register by getting a free ticket from this page (click 'add to bag' in the top right hand corner and enter your details)

What do I need to join? This event will be streamed via the Gig Buddies Sydney Facebook page. Please login in and head to the page for midday.


The event starts at midday and will finish when we're asked to leave the dance floor 😊

*** Gig Buddies online socials are for signed up participants of the project only ***

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