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July 24 - a date for your diaries

HOT off the press, we’re pleased to announce our forthcoming Gig Buddies Sydney get together.

Come and spend the night with the team and meet your fellow volunteers and gig buddies at the Slip Inn. Our colourfully created circular, designed by our inaugural gig buddy, Tim (below) has all the details, and we’re looking forward to hosting what will be the first of many Gig Buddies Sydney gatherings.

Away from organising our July shindig, this week our CEO, Carol, Project Coordinator, Sean and I flew to Melbourne to attend the Social Traders 2015 Social Enterprise Masters Conference (3/6).

Departing Sydney at 715am during the first week of winter and flying into a city widely regarded as having “four seasons in one day” (spring, summer and autumn where were you?) we took in speeches from industry leaders, and heard from many inspirational social enterprises.

“Wanting to change the world using business” was an underlying theme throughout the day, while the event organisers reiterated that “social enterprises generate benefit by creating employment, provide access to services and strengthen local communities”.

Attending the winners ceremony afterwards (photo below), we heard from worthy joint winners of the Social Investment Award: Streat, a Melbourne-based social enterprise that provides homeless and disadvantaged young people with a supported pathway into the hospitality industry, and the Asylum Seeker Resource Centre Food Justice Truck, who transport ethically sourced food goods to the asylum seeker communities.

From a Gig Buddies Sydney perspective, we certainly aspire to be a future contestant. By tackling social isolation and enabling people with learning disabilities to stay out late we continue in or quest to do our bit for Sydney’s disability community.

Matthew Collins

Gig Buddies Sydney Social Media Coordinator

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