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"I am pumped about going to my first gig"

Tim, Sydney’s inaugural Gig Buddy participant, will hit up the Annandale Hotel tomorrow night for his first ever taste of live music.

We caught up with him prior to tomorrow’s shindig to talk about his experiences with Gig Buddies Sydney.

Tim and Sean meet once a month to discuss up and coming gigs.

When was the last time you went to a gig?

I’ve never been to a gig before. My first gig is tomorrow night; Sean and I are going to the Annandale Hotel where Midnight Tea Party and Swamp Fat Jangles are playing.

How do you feel about attending your fist gig?

I am pumped about going to my first gig! I’m excited about experiencing the live music side and being in a crowd. I’m also looking forward to busting a move on the dance floor.

Are there any other venues or bands you would like to check out?

I want to go to all different gigs in and around Sydney. I am interested in going to the Annandale, Lansdowne Hotel and The Basement, and I want to hear jazz, blues, reggae and funk.

Why did you participate with Gig Buddies?

I wanted to be a gig buddy because I like music and like to go out and help with the setup of Gig Buddies.

You mentioned Sean, your gig buddy volunteer who will be attending tomorrow’s gig with you. How often will you two meet up and how will the preparation process for attending an event work?

We’ll meet once a month and also go to a gig once a month, and I would like my volunteer to pick me up and drop me off at my house.

What has the experience been like for you so far?

Really good. I helped out Sean backstage at the Gig Buddies launch party and had a great time watching and dancing to the bands that played. I am looking forward to going to more events with Sean.

What challenges have you faced in the early stages of partaking in the program?

Catching public transport to and from events and making sure there is enough time to organise the event with Sean.

Matthew Collins

Gig Buddies Sydney Social Media Coordinator

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